Bearings - The smallest things does matter

Bearings are the small mechanical elements, which are used for smooth movement of various parts of machinery or an apparatus. As minuscule as they might look, their applications are widespread and cover a considerable number of industrial and residential equipment.

When it comes to engineering design, every detail is crucial to reliability and safety — We at plazmatio clearly understand this fact, but even a perfect design can be compromised by suboptimal materials. So, in order to strike a balance between cost and performance, engineering designers have to analyze every detail. And at Plazmatio, we do. Our approach to designing unwavering, errand-critical products has earned us the trust of some of the biggest engineering firms out there.

We were cleverly able to engineer high-performance products which have the authenticity to withstand harsh environments, confronting applications and evolving usability acceptance. So, these here rotate around a fixed axis, causing the desired motion of machine parts with minimum friction. Depending upon their architecture these are dedicated to extremely severe applications and supports high loads, severe misalignment, contaminated environments, shocks, and vibrations. Our designers here were able to develop bearings with industry’s highest load rating: a full 18% higher than a standard spherical roller bearing.

This level of quality means at least a 75% extension of service life. The credit for their staggering performance here is should be given to the use of very high quality raw materials and optimized rolling element geometry. The unique design also leads to: Reduced friction torque (as much as 30% less), offering lower operating temperature, with lower power and lubricant consumption. Appreciably increased operating speed and allowing an extended scope of applications.

So, no maer how strict the specification or how distinctive the applications, our design remedies maximize uptime and minimize total expense of ownership.

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh