Multi Purpose Furniture - Use as you like

A Clever Multi-Purpose Furniture Idea Meeting the Needs of a Modern Lifestyle.

Doesn’t it seem that our modern lifestyle is constantly looking to be provoked? One of the prerequisites of excelling in the world of contemporary design is adapting to change with a fresh, original vision. The plazmatio designers always thrive to bring something new to the world everyday and in that process we stumbled upon a practical piece of multipurpose furniture named "Kurch".

First this piece of furniture serves the purpose of a reclining relax chair, which when turned upside down serves the purpose of a table for two! Now, as you have already seen there are holes built onto the side of this chair into the steel structure, which when expanded fully serves as a mini size ladder. Also, last but not the least when this chair is put along the ground side way's then it can be used as a couch too ! Amazing! isn't it ? But a question arises how are these extraordinary ideas born? From interviewing designers and architects everywhere, it seems day to day life offers unlimited inspiration resources.

Begin with an existing object, add a part of your personal hobbies and belief system, wrap-it-up in a market-friendly package and there you have it: a fun and functional furniture piece, perfect for energizing a contemporary home. That being said, regardless of the size of your home, it’s difficult to include in the decor every little object that you might or might not need at some point. It’s not practical either as it’s much simpler to just opt for fewer multipurpose pieces of furniture that will serve you just as well. This way you save space and money and you get to have everything you need right there in your small home.

Project Designer -Sushant Patil