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Interiors - Making the best use of the Space Available

Interior design is a broad ranging profession taking into account all aspects of planning and designing interior spaces in the built environment. The role of any two interior designers can vary greatly and often the term interior design is confused with interior architecture and interior design. In other words the Interior Designers are stylists, craftsmen, and engineers who specialize in creating stunning spaces with breathtaking design, uncompromising quality, and flawless execution.

We’ve all got some sort of idea of how our dream home should look. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want a Contemporary design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, here's an interior designed by one of our designers at plazmatio where people can realize some of their greatest home design fantasies and in turn applied the same approach to one of our clients who wished for a luxurious interior to be designed for his new upcoming residence.

So, the interiors here reflect luxury hospitality, commercial and high end residential interior design. The designer was driven by the pursuit of perfection and extreme attention to details and by paying close attention to the user's requirements deliver the finest results.

This fact can be witnessed by the memorable designs and exceptional craftsmanship achieved through the use of the highest quality materials and techniques. This insistence on excellence, together with a commitment to understanding and exceeding clients’ expectations, results in beautiful interiors that give lasting pleasure and add significant value. The Next Generation Luxurious Interiors consists of -An Indoor Swimming Poo, a indoor gym and a living room.

Project Designer -Suhruda Karekar