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Lamborghini - The Golden Bull of Luxury

It became known as a wizard at mechanical improvisation and became very much in demand at fixing engines.

Lamborghini is perhaps one of the most iconic brands that keeps inspiring young design enthusiasts. The extreme, razor-sharp lines, the sense of brutal power and the exclusivity of the have a their own distinctive fascination and appeal.

That’s why among the projects, we have presented in the Lamborghini section, one of the bold concept conceived with the Lamborghini in mind. And that’s the very reason every Lamborghini project – either official or concept – has always had a particular success among our readers.

The aesthetics of the concept was heavily inspired by the mighty bull which symbolises the lamborghini's logo.

The concept is a mid-engined supercar which shows environmental responsibility, and therefore is downsized.

Our designer didn’t choose the today’s midengine supercar, but a rather narrow body and a complex combination of soft and angular surfaces. Instead of showing power and aggression through some wild graphical elements . The designer achieved the same through the complexity of the main body which is rather softly designed, and has a flair of the Italian elegance touch to it, and the angular, stealthy and sharp elements which remind of shields.

During the design process the designer brought back the tradition -clay modeling instead of CAD modeling. It took approximately 2 months to actually build the model and it was a great opportunity to try different possibilities concerning the surface management and the proportions.

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh