Flat Mouse - As flat as it can get

Laptops with their trackpads have conquered the world these days but there some people who still use desktop computers with the mouse. The way we see it the use of mouse has not changed much since its conception but when it comes to design and style, there are massive upgrades everywhere. Industrial designers do their best to design mice for playing games or comfortable everyday usage – they also make them look really cool.

Keeping this in mind and after going through the current industrial design sector, this Wired Optical Mouse over here has been designed to function on all kinds of surfaces including glass while reducing muscle strain and decreasing discomfort. To keep it simple, we have summarised its merits below

Design: Your fingers slide in effortlessly on the contour of its body as it has a broad palm area and gentle curves that maximise comfort. This ergonomic mouse positions your hand in a more natural fashion than a standard mouse. With the four customizable thumb buttons, move back and forth through web pages.

Laser Tracking: Most mice fail on glass desks, but this one doesn't, thanks to Laser Tracking. You can be ensured of smooth and precise cursor control on even high-gloss surfaces.

Fast Scrolling: Enjoy hyper-fast scrolling through web pages or documents with just a flick of the frictionless scroll wheel.

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh