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Robotics - Whee Beep Bop Boom!!!

Robots have been appearing for decades in sci-fi movies and on TV and are finally making their way into the real world. Although it will probably take several years for robots to become part of our every day lives, but that day now seems to be closer than ever

Today we at plazmatio, are bringing you a fighter robot concept designed by our team of designers and illustrators.

After going through plenty of robotic designs from the past, the plazmatio team was successfully able to create this gem of a fighter robot which was inspired from an egg and a spider. The robot has the capability of moving through tough terrain. It can easily by controlled by a Hand held remote.

Built with Infrared technology, this robot can walk both forward and backwards and has the special ability to Slide and glide. It's revolutionary head can Twist and turn from left to right. It can change its directions instantaneously by just rotating its bottom half. It has a heat sensor at the top which can detect thermal heat signatures to detects active life forms around it when its in motion.

The best combat ready robot that one can find as it has two rotating mini machine guns inside of it which are hidden in plain sight and can only be seen when it opens up fully. There's certainly more to it than meets the eye. Kudos to the plazmatio team !

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh