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For the Journey into the Unexplored

We at Plazmatio strongly believe in the fact that Science Fiction has always had tremendous appeal by immersing the audience in a whole new world where anything is possible. So, few of our concept artists went on to make amazingly detailed concepts that are solely out of this world and not only these designs can inspire your own artwork, but they also try to convey a story of a new world with limitless possibilities.

When we started designing these massive vehicles which allows us to leave the planet and travel in the vacuum of outer space. We thought they can be as simple as a rocket! but what the heck nowadays even a child can make a rocket out of a simple piece of paper DUH ! So, we thought of making a complex intergalactic ship capable of running on antimatter instead, well you didn't see that one coming did you?

We know that currently the modern spaceships are rocket-powered, but we at plazmatio strongly believe that science is working hard, more than ever on different types of fuel and propulsion, so you may see different sorts of spaceships in the near future. They have been gaining popularity majorly in the world of Conceptual Artists, as it has infinite number of possibilities when it comes to their designing. Now when you look at this design of ours you can clearly notice that images this spaceship's design was inspired by the Gyroscope which acts as a compass in space where the magnetic field is absent!

Project Designer -Sujith Devannagari