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Today, "youth" is a highly subjective topic. Obviously we can all be "young at heart," but for our purposes of presenting a new generation of painters, young means under-40. So, let us look at the artworks of one of our own, whose unique approach to contemporary art makes her stand out from the rest.

Our artist here is making a proper mark on the current art scene. She brings a myriad of visual culture influences to her fine art practice. Some of her skills are honed during her college days, others influenced by her surroundings and the daily news.

A few of her artworks are already immediately recognizable, and all are well on their way to becoming something out of the ordinary, like the Mosaic textured artwork about the hindu lord Krishna, the close up of folk dancers from india. While on the other hand, some of her works are driven by feminism which are clearly portrayed in the rest of her works, one of which portrays the freedom of expression of an Indian woman and the other one portraying a female soldier in all her might.

Project Designer -Mrunmayi Warankar