Cyclo Bikes CB2.0 -Pedal Further

Cyclo bikes give you every possible advantage in a full lineup of rides, built to win in the worst conditions. When we designed one here at Plazmatio, we were certain of the fact that we can guarantee our customers that these are here to wring out your best race performance yet. Today we at plazmatio, are bringing you a fighter robot concept designed by our team of designers and illustrators.

After an extensive Research and Development phase spanning over a couple of months, we finally caught a break through in designing the prototype of the bike here. The bike you can see here is the CB 2.0 which is one of the fastest, smoothest, lightest CycloBike ever, with competition-crushing race geometry and exclusive course-smoothing Speed technology.

Mud, sweat, tears, triumph. You'll charge through it all with bigger speed, stronger lines, and more confidence than ever before. CB 2.0 is the ultimate CycloBike Structure: The Structure of CB 2.0 is derived from valuable inputs from pro riders, for a powerful, fast, smooth ride that dominates on any terrain.

Ultra light weight Body: The carbon built Armor protection flies over the roughest courses and lives to race another day at the same time making it extremely light. Disc Brakes: All the stopping power you need, just the way you want it: smooth all-weather discs. Sounds Perfect!

Project Designer -Sushant Patil