Fomula One - Where Racing is a Drug

Formula One cars are at the absolute pioneer of motorsport, but my god, they don't look that good . To tackle this phenomenon head on, we at plazmatio came with an insane F1 concept that is much easier on the eye, and if not a little outlandish...

Plazmatio is bringing you another piece of the Ferrari Concept. After a long journey of Hit and trial this car has been finalized through the hands of the team to bring you the ultimate taste of future.

At first when you see this car you feel it to be no different than the Chevy parked out in your garage! But, in months of work, this car has been created as a concept, inspired by the existing designs from Ferrari. These cars look like insects - you know, they have long snouts, wings, the wheels are entirely outside the body like an insect's legs and the drivers are visible in the middle of all this like the bug's eye.

That being said, our goal was never to create an exact reproduction of the same. You’ll find out our own creative ideas as we attempted to recreate the ultimate experience of a formula one car. In creating this concept, the Plazmatio team took on a project primarily inspired by the Ferrari designers and spun it right on its head. This concept was never intended to be a realistic scale replication of the original design in both shape and expectation of engine technology. Its objective was not only a test of the limitations of the game, but also to be used as a platform to freely explore new creative ideas and guess what this vehicle can easily attain speeds of 200 mph!

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh