I-Run It Iron -Steam. Press. Repeat

Save time on household chores while you use this modern iron which is built to perfection so as to give you a quick ironing experience.

As a part of our parallel in house equipment and appliance design routine, one of the reputed appliances manufacturer in country assigned us with the task to create the product design of a Handheld steam iron which will serve as their flagship appliance in the months to come.

Solution: So, in order to achieve uniqueness and remembrance amongst a wide number of our clients competitors' products, we developed a prominent outline element, which works both as an eye catcher and optically as anecdotes of the more elegant shape with open handle.

The design here comes with a set of superior features thanks to it's double anti -scale and self cleaning functions. Also, with a 2100W, 20g/min variable steam and a powerful 83 g/min turbo shot of steam, this sleek and stylish iron is loaded with a super fast filling and emptying hole, pointed tip and smoothly gliding, polished soleplate such that this sublime steam iron eliminates all signs of headstrong creases with ease. Also, the disparity between the shell's colour here and the tonal signature element offers a wide range of spirited variations in colour and material.

Project Designer -Shwetank Pandey