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That Sexy Gearbox -Shift it, till you get off on it !

The gearbox is a mechanical marvel of transferring energy from one device to another and is used to increase torque while reducing speed.

Located at the junction point of a power shaft, the gearbox is often used to create a right angle change in direction, as is seen in a rotary mower or a helicopter. Each unit is made with a specific purpose in mind, and the gear ratio used is designed to provide the level of force required. This ratio is fixed and cannot be changed once the box is constructed.

The only possible modification after the fact is an adjustment that allows the shaft speed to increase, along with a corresponding reduction in torque. The planetary gearbox here designed by our exclusive mechanix team, has Torque ratings which are consistently high, gear ratios in close progression, numerous mounting options along with compact dimensions which will ease the engineering of any application.

The housing from nodular cast iron ensures robustness even in the harshest environment and the class of precision the gear are machined into helps producing an extremely quit and vibration-free operation. Kudos! to the designer for coming up with this awesome design.

Project Designer -Abhishek Singh