Space Carrier - Giving Form to Fiction

There was a time, back in the mid 20th century, when all the best spaceships were on the covers of sci-fi novels and magazines, drawn by such artists as Chris Foss But Young Conceptual Artists, Movies, TV and eventually games eventually caught up with the detailed, colourful, bizarrely-shaped craft that cover artists had been imagining for decades.

There are countless stunning and imaginative spaceships in television and film. From ships that explore the cosmos, to those designed to terrorize or defend, many have become iconic staple of Sci-fi. However, this list isn’t based on the pure popularity or power of the ship, but our personal favourites.

Now, spaceships aren’t just vehicles for getting from planet A to planet B; they are vehicles that reflected the needs and personalities of our own. So, let us look at the spaceship designed by our team, which Designed a modern day spaceship which can be inhabited by the Humans. The design was inspired from a playing top which is a fine example of stability and balance. The tripod like structure at the top, extending out of the ship are its Scientific Research centre.

The top most part of this ship is the watch tower and the Comm. centre, beneath which lies the Scientific R and D Centre as said above. After that lies the Power House of the entire spaceship . Followed by a Control Room, Entry /Exit / Docking areas of the ship and finally a giant propeller at the bottom most point which keeps the ship afloat in space.

Project Designer -Shwetank Pandey